Southwold Railway NL 22 & NL 26

Opened in 1879, the Southwold Railway operated quietly in the southeastern corner of Suffolk, running the nine miles between the coastal town of Southwold and its junction with the GER at Halesworth. The railway was built to a gauge of 3 foot and closed in 1929 after having survived a bombing by German airship during the First World War. A number of postcards depicting the less than reliable service were produced and can still be obtained in the village.

The wagons are available with spoked wheelsets for 12m gauge and six hole disc for 9mm. Unless otherwise specified, kits will be supplied with 9mm gauge wheelsets.

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NL 22/NL 26 Illustrated left is NL 22, a standard 4 wheel wagon with arched ends based on prototype numbers 15-23. This kit is also available with high arched ends as NL 26, based on numbers 1-6.

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